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Taking off old finish on old cabinets.

I am painting my old cabinets in my kitchen. I am going to take off the old finish and was wondering if anyone can tell me what to use to get the old finish off. Is there a Paint Thinner i should use. I will not be taking my old cabinets off the wall. Painting in place. Thanks Dan

Re: Taking off old finish on old cabinets.

So long as the existing finish on your cabinets is in reasonably good condition and well adhered, there is no reason to strip the old finish. I would recommend just cleaning with a solution of TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) and warm water to remove any grease/oils etc that is usually present on kitchen cabinetry. Then degloss them with liquid sandpaper. The old finish must be deglossed as kitchens are usually painted with semi-gloss and new paint will not adhere to the gloss. (both TSP and liquid sand can be purchased at any home supply or painting supply place). You will achieve a nice new finish if you do these simple steps.
Best, Mark

Re: Taking off old finish on old cabinets.

I haven't heard of "liquid sand" but I have heard of deglosser. I'm guessing they're the same thing. I only mention this to help you in your quest by giving you extra terms to ask for.

Re: Taking off old finish on old cabinets.

Fencepost, You are right. Liquid sandpaper and deglosser are the same thing. It is commonly referred to as liquid sandpaper (at least in my neck of the woods).

Re: Taking off old finish on old cabinets.

I realize this thread was started a couple months ago but hopefully someone can use this info. Here is a link to some excellent instructions on how to strip and refinish cabinet doors.

Enjoy your project!

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