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texturing over paneling

This is my first time to texture over paneling. The room is 10 x 12. I cleaned the paneling really well then wiped it down with liquid sandpaper. Next I primed it. Then last night I used ready to use compound to fill in the grooves and put a smooth layer of mud all over the paneling...(I've only done this to one wall to practice). While it was still wet, I rolled a textured roller over it...waited about an hour then went back over it to knock it down. This morning....I like the texture but the grooves are showing thru...It's all filled, it's just you see these dark lines...

My questions are....what else do I need to do to keep the grooves from showing thru.....also, once the mud dries completely and I prime and paint will it hide the dark lines?

Thanks so much for your help.....I am very much a beginner.

A. Spruce
Re: texturing over paneling
A. Spruce

The grooves are darker because the drywall compound is thicker in those areas and there could be some bleeding of the paneling in the grooves as well. Also, because the grooves are deeper, they will require more filling than skim coating because as the compound dries, it shrinks. You should use at least two coats of compound on the grooves. The joints between the panels will likely crack if you don't tape them with either paper or mesh joint tape. With two coats of primer and two coats of color, the lines should hide reasonably well.

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