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A. Spruce
Re: Tile first or new cabinets first

That's unfortunate. What did you want instead?

Re: Tile first or new cabinets first

Most people do not look at the seam between cabinets and floors because it is usually set back under the cabinets and there is so much other stuff in a kitchen to catch the eye. You might just be noticing it because it is new and bothering you.

If the problem is the seam itself, you can consider adding quarter round molding to the base of your cabinets.

Re: Tile first or new cabinets first

LoyolaMD, it appears to me that you got yourself a bad contractor if, as you say, they have not done what you wanted.


Re: Tile first or new cabinets first

I wanted them to tile under the cabinets but they did not. They set the cabinets and then tiled. The tile was cut and then framed around the cabinets. You see the dark grout right against the white cabinets. It is really noticeable.

There are a number of areas that look bad.

In addition they aren't doing the floor base molding, the molding around the doors or doing anything about the gaps between the walls and cabinets. They said I didn't ask for it when I signed the contract.

Sad thing is they are award winners for their work. I verified the info too.

Re: Tile first or new cabinets first

Your ugly black line can be covered with quarter round as per my last post. You can ask the contractor to add this on to the contract along with the other base and door moldings and see what he will charge.

You can fire this guy and pay him only for the work he has done to this point. I do not know the legal ramifications, but if he is not holding up his side of the contract then you have grounds. Problem is that you are without a working kitchen. You can let him finish and bring in someone else to do the finish work. You can learn to DIY – after all you own an old house and probably have lots to do. Finish work is not that hard.

Re: Tile first or new cabinets first

Lily - Thanks for the viable solution.

We are doing a lot of things ourselves. Since I am not handy, my partner and his brother in law are doing a lot of things. His brother in law installed cove molding in my basement family therefore I am not concerned about being able to do some the extra work to finish the kitchen. I guess I just don't understand why they would sell me an unfinished kitchen. I feel like it was intentional so that I would ask and they could keep charging me. Since I have never done this before I didn't think to ask and include. It was a omission on my part but the contractor should know the elements to finish a kitchen remodel.

This is the only contractor I find disappointing. I had the floors refinished, new windows, installed a gas burning stove in the basement fireplace, retrofitted for AC, removed the termite infested tree and had the gutters/down spots painted to match the windows and pediment. All of these went great and either met or exceeded my expectations.



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