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What I would like to see ...

Hi Kevin and all the rest of the crew. I spend a lot of my Saturdays watching TOH ... why? because I really enjoy this TV show. I am an older gentleman and find that I can learn a lot by watching you. But, I have a problem. I really enjoy checking out the way you go through fixing and repairing the very expensive homes that are featured. Have you ever thought of doing a segment for the older generation? I really admire most of the houses that are on the show but, frankly, never in a hundred years will I ever have a chance to do some of the things that you constantly portray. I would really like to see some hints and posts for more reasonable homes and residences, especially for those of older citizens. I know that you are probably not interested, but it might be something that you would find interesting. As a veteran, sometimes I need to know that there is some care for us older viewers. Think about it :D we watch the TOH show also! BTW I am very dedicated to Norm Abrams 'Yankee Workshop' ... great show.

Re: What I would like to see ...

I'm with drsmith on this one, Kevin. So, what ya say?

Re: What I would like to see ...

Hey guys,

That's what "Ask - saboteamos.info" addresses -- the little jobs.

A bunch of little jobs put together makes a medium sized job like most of us will do.

You are right... most of us will not do the massive renovations that they do on - saboteamos.info. But just think of - saboteamos.info as a buffet and you go through the line an pick out a few things that you like.

Re: What I would like to see ...

I usually work on older homes and am a bit older myself.

I would love to see how to fix up a 100 year old home.

We removed wall paper, and in the process, removed a lot of the "horsehair" plaster behind it (not knowing there was). We then had to remove the cross boards that held the plaster, then put in drywall.

Would there have been an easier way to repair the plaster, or was removing it completely the best method?

Things like that is helpful for remodeling older homes.


Re: What I would like to see ...

I recall a house that not only involved the house but the "mother in law suite" out back where the home owner's parents could live out their days. There was a zero clearance shower and master down stairs concept. Outside I remember the stone path and ground cover was chosen especially for visitors who used a walker and scooted his feet.

This was a few years back.

Here's the link:
the Concord Cottage

I also used the article below to have "the boys" convert my husband's parent's bathroom for my father in law to use safely a few years ago.
6 Ideas for Elder-Friendly Design

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