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What is it?

I bought a lovely historic Victorian home in southern NH. It is certainly a fixer-upper, but I believe it will be worth it in the end. In my basement and barn though, there are these two concrete blocks set into the floor. They have bolts secured in them and look like they may have been stands for something. They are about 1.5 feet tall and may be about 2 foot square...anyone have any idea what they may be?

Re: What is it?

A pic will help. I mean a clear picture will help.

Post a pic on a host like photobucket then post the link here.

Re: What is it?

Thank you - here is a link to some photos: u/0/103392979528370896677/posts/ESwv6KrwW3q?pid=6226276878986669122&oid=103392979528370896677 I have another in my basement.

Re: What is it?

I think the obvious answer is they are mounts for some type of equipment. If they are both the same maybe a previous owner had something that was typically used/operated in the barn, but was moved into the basement is colder weather to continue the operation. I've never tried, but could old census records give a clue to an occupation? Any clue to the age? Maybe a common local farming practice would be a clue to the equipment. A local historical society would be a place to check.

Re: What is it?

Is it near the heating plant? Thought of mounts for a coal conveyor to automatically feed a boiler.
Could be water-system related; mounts for a pumping device. Mounts for a carbide-gas generating plant.

Re: What is it?

The mass of ceement could be for height, but more likely as a movement dampener

Re: What is it?

Possibly an anvil mount.


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