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Which type of pipe to use

My dad layer our waterline 40+ years ago.He used 1 inch scedule 20 pvc pipe. Time to replace it. It is 3960 feet from the water meter to the house.

    Im debating 2 different options

! what size to use. It is a ! inch line now . Chould i keep it at 1 inch or move up inch and half

2  Type of pipe to use. pvc, flex pipe or something else? on pvc i would need 198 20 ft sections + primer, and glue. On flex pipe or other i think i would have longer sections of pipe so that means less connections. also with flex pipe is there a problem with vit trying to curl back up into a roll or coil?

   calso in the lenght of our private road  part of it is sand thenup a red clay hill rhen back to sand

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