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White smelly ooze from bathroom tile wall?


We recently had our bathroom remodeled.  (3 months ago)

Just last week we noticed some white ooze coming out from under the calk where the tub meets the tile  It's got a very strong sort of organic odor, almost like onions.  

Upon closer examination, we found that the grout was already cracked out in several places, so water must be getting behind the wall.  When we wipe the ooze away, it comes back, and definitely flows more after using the shower.  We have also noticed that several other places on the wall have the same odor coming through the tile, although it is not everwhere.  

The wall is an outside wall, and it had a window replaced (which is in the shower) as part of the remodel.

Any thoughts on what might be going on?  Attaching a picture of the ooze.


Re: White smelly ooze from bathroom tile wall?


There is water behind the tile. You already have grout that is missing, and that is where water is penetrating behind the tile. Grout is not water proof. I will bet that you did not install any type of waterproofing board(like Kerdi board) or membrane on the walls for the tile to adhere. Concrete board is not waterproof. Alot of people use it because it is cheap. It acrually states right on the face of the board. Moisture resistant. Not water proof. You get exactly what you paid for. Only thing you can do is tear it all out, start over, and this time do it right.

Anytime that you let water stand, no matter where it is, it willstart growing things in itself. Mostly because they are in the water when it comes out of the faucet. All it then needs is some warmth and darkness. Soon you will have a nice petry dish full of very tiny bodies. And they smell.

I have seen some not put any caulk on the last row of tiles above the tub rim. That is so that any water that does get behind the tile can escape and drain down the tub drain. Leave a large enough gap and water will simply drop off the edge. Water will not run up hill.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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