New TV Project: Planning Ahead

A proper first assessment is the best start to a successful renovation project

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A Denver Nugget

After nearly a decade, a Colorado Queen Anne is restored. By Sally Stitch


Patch Work

Joint compound works wonders on marred drywall. By Richard Weir


Raising the Bar

A well-designed wet bar can be cause for a toast. By Max Alexander


Watts on a Hot Tin Roof

Solar-electric roofing is a hot energy-saving idea. By Zachary Gaulkin

By Design

Vanities Fair

Washstands resembling furniture domesticate the bath. By Kira L. Gould


Digital TV: The Next Wave

Superior picture and sound make these the sets to get. By David J. Elrich


Spending For a Rainy Day

How to get the most out of your house insurance. By Betsy Wangensteen

Talking Shop

A Clean Sweep

Dust collection tools for winning the particle wars. By Jordan Reed


Great Slate

An ancient stone makes modern roofs, counters, and floors. By Jeanne Huber

Owner's Manual

What a Difference a Day Makes

AmeriCares lends a hand to the less fortunate. By Alexandra Bandon


Search Party

The - experts assess the Charlestown house from top to bottom. By Jefferson Kolle

Stroll Through Charlestown, Massachusetts

The Boston-area site of the fall project is rich in history, ethnicity, and charm. By Nichole Bernier Ahern

Long Live the Queen

A 19th-century Queen Anne is fitted out for the 21st century. By Barbara Flanagan

Homeowner's Handbook

Tiling a Floor

The simple secrets to installing a ceramic tile floor. By John Banta and Tom Baker

Critter Control

How to keep peckish animals away from your plants. By Adam Levine

Open House

A 1940s Dallas ranch house comes together by simply knocking down a wall. By Rhonda Murphy

Poster: Native Flowering Trees

Some unusual North American beauties to grace your landscape. By Pat Stone



What became of the goodies found in past project houses.

House Calls:

A square kitchen gets an eight foot extension.

Ask The Expert:

Beating bowed ceilings, straightening slabs, and fastening fans.

Letter from -

Landscape architect Roger Cook muses on the seasons.

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