Easy Spring Makeovers



Fast-growing trees

Salvage Style

Turn ceramic bathroom accessories to jewelry stash

Animal House

Build an indoor gate for your pooch

Weekend Remodel

Rectangular planter box of cellular PVC

Q + A

The pros answer your questions


Plant a small tree

Norm's Tricks of the Trade

Install horizontal blocking to support vertical paneling


Before and After: Kitchen

A new layout and vintage touches update an 1866 Italianate's outdated eatery

Budget Redo

Custom-look wainscot adds old-house charm

Make a Mudroom That Works for You

Seven drop-spots and tons of tips to make the most of yours

Hassle-free Steps to a Healthier Home

Our room-by-room guide for keeping you safe at home

Reader Remodel

A retired couple brings the life back to a tumbledown cottage

All About

Exterior stain


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Nuts & Bulbs & Squirrels


Your feedback, questions, and comments


Easy ways to improve your home right now

Home News

Protect fruit & veggie crops; new law for lead paint; and more

Home Solutions

Rubber-duckie bathroom; nontoxic cleaners; natural lawn care; and more

Paint Ideas

Make a small bath look bigger with horizontal bands


Oversize bar pulls

Get This Look

Vintage-style home office


Household wisdom from Roger Cook

Photoshop Redo

An 1880 Folk Victorian regains its character

Home Economics

Learn how homeownership can pay off come tax time

Save - saboteamos.info

An 1861 Greek Revival in Orange County, Virginia


Web Highlights

Choose the perfect outdoor dining table
Get a list of plants that will thrive in your garden
Learn how to lay down a bluestone patio
Pick the best decking material for your house

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Home News

• See all 51 winners of our Best Old-House Neighborhoods


Home Solutions

• Got a smart solution? Email our Editor, Scott


Before and After: Kitchen

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Check your growing zone


Paint Ideas

• Find closely related hues by consulting a color wheel


Shopping: Bar Pulls

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Budget Redo: Dining Room

• How did you stretch your dollars? and it may appear in our Reader-Created issue


Salvage Style

• Got a clever reuse? and it may appear in our Reader-Created issue


Animal House: Dog gate

Build this dog gate in one weekend.


Photoshop Redo

• Want a Photoshop Redo? Send snapshots to [email protected]


Home Economics

Get more tips on energy-related tax breaks


Weekend Remodel: Planter box

COMING SOON! How-to video
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Hassle-Free Steps to a Healthier Home

How to replace failing caulk
A fast fix for cracked tile


Reader Remodel

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All About: Exterior Stain

Learn how to prep and stain a wood deck in this video with TOH general contractor Tom Silva


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Reader Tool Test, p. 99

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