Small Space Solutions

There's no reason why small can't be spectacular. All around your home, there's space just waiting to solve your storage problems


Ask -

Is it time to upgrade the furnace?; attic ventilators in winter; and more Q&A

Skill Building

Troubleshooting old radiators; installing a recessed medicine cabinet

Norm's Notebook

Lessons in coping-saw technique from the TOH master carpenter

Resource Directory

Find the products and services featured in this issue


Now What Do I Do?

Our indispensable crash course in basic skills and solutions every homeowner should know

A Chip Off the Old Block

How one couple made sure their teardown/rebuild created a home that fits in with its traditional neighborhood

What's Holding Up Your House?

The TOH TV project offers lessons in how today's mix of traditional and modern materials frame a house

Bars, Straight Up

The best design ideas and planning advice for built-in wet bars

A Doghouse Like Her House

Our doghouse contest inspired a lot of folks to go all-out for their canine buddies. See the winners — plus some of our favorite honorable mentions


Kitchen Design

A smart kitchen in a small footprint


Medicine cabinets


Vintage iron radiators offer reliable warmth and old-fashioned style

Home Tech

Get whole-house lighting control without rewiring


A coping saw is the secret to perfect trim

How It Works

Learn how to read your gas meter

Homeowner's Handbook

Installing glass fireplace doors

Save -

A stately 1870s brick house in a peaceful Iowa town


"Let Our Experts Be Your Guide"

Best Practices in Working on Any Part of Your House

Learn what goes into your home's construction. This exclusive series examines a house one component at a time....more

"Fight Winter Doldrums With Paint"

TOH Paint Calculator

Don't just guess how much you need. Use these calculators to avoid under- or over-buying....more

"Online Poll: Bathroom Blitz"

Poll Archive

Check out results for all of our recent polls....more

"Small Wonder" (page 27)

Mixing Furniture Styles in the Kitchen

An architect and his cookbook-editor wife build a kitchen with an eclectic, added-onto-over-time look....more

"Medicine Show" (page 31)

Big Help for Small Bathrooms

Scaled-down fixtures can mean the difference between comfort and chaos in a tiny bathroom....more

"Cast to Last" (page 36)

Painting Radiators

There's a long-term solution for this hot problem....more

"One Touch, Every Light" (page 39)

Dim All the Lights Quietly

A dimmer switch can create a tranquil mood, but not if it makes an annoying buzz....more

"Coping Mechanisms" (page 41)

Installing Crown Molding

Here's Tom Silva's step-by-step guide to putting up an ornamental ceiling border....more

"Installing Glass Fireplace Doors" (page 47)

How to Give Your Fireplace a Facelift

Make your home more comfortable, attractive, and safe....more

"Chip off the Old Block" (page 63)

Best Contractors and Builders 2005

A general contractor serves as the air-traffic controller of your renovation: overseeing day-to-day work, hiring and coordinating the subcontractors, and keeping in close touch with you throughout the project....more

"Bar Straight Up" (page 72)

Installing a Sink

It'll take you less than a day. Send us your favorite cocktail recipe. [email protected]....more

"A Doghouse Like Her House" (page 78)

The Doghouse Contest Finalists

Here are the best of the best, in living color....more

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