Easy Paint Makeovers

idea file

JAN/FEB 2011 Idea File

Solve It With Spray Paint

These amazing finishes can spiff up everything from worn metal to cheap plastic

Paint Ideas

Mimic the look of a wood-grain finish

Weekend Remodel

Give a doorway a touch of old-world charm with a stenciled border

Spiced-up Color Combos

Heat up your kitchen's personality with surprising paint pairings

Before + After: Kitchen

A gut redo changes a merely useful space into a high-functioning cookery--with its 1920s character intact

Before + After: Bath

More room, a tile-rimmed alcove, and Deco touches create a stylish bath

Budget Redo

A dark and dingy finished attic becomes a sun-filled master suite

American Craftsman

Plaster master Ken Wildes turns ceilings into unique works of art

Fully Loaded Laundry Rooms

Seven setups chock-full of ideas to make your wash-and-dry center a model of efficiency


JAN/FEB 2011 Upgrades


Architectural mirrors

Get This Look

Vintage-style bathroom

Price Wise

Oriental rugs

All About


home solutions

JAN/FEB 2011 Home Solutions

Home Solutions

Make over your fireplace surround with tin backsplash tiles; put a closet to work as a home office; purify indoor air with plants; deal with damage from a fallen tree; furnace-filter guide; and more

how-to projects

JAN/FEB 2011 How-to projects

Home Center Project

Light up a room with a timeless-look floor lamp made of stock lumber and a curtain rod

Build It or Buy It

Wood mantel

Big-Impact DIY for Every Budget

Four money-saving projects to enhance your home

ask this old house

JAN/FEB 2011 Ask - saboteamos.info

Q + A

Let the gas company turn the shutoff valve back on after a reno; repair a notched floor joist; create a low-maintenance "green" driveway; seal granite countertops; and more


Match original moldings

What Product When

Spray-foam insulation

Tool Test

6-inch random-orbit sanders

in every issue

JAN/FEB 2011 In every issue

Letter From - saboteamos.info

Some bright ideas just get better


Easy ways to improve your home right now

Save - saboteamos.info

A Queen Anne and big barn for a bargain in Greene, N.Y.



• 2011 Reader Remodel Contest: Enter for a chance to win!
Seal drafty doors and windows:
Quick and easy weathersealing
Make your doors draft-free
Airtight windows in 9 steps
Switch to a programmable thermostat:
How to install a programmable thermostat
See a video of how to install a programmable thermostat
Beef up bedroom insulation:
Adding attic insulation
Insulating the attic
See a video of how to insulate an attic


Reader Mail

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Home Solutions

More ways to use leftovers:
10 uses for drywall screws
10 uses for chalk

We want solutions!


Before + After: Kitchen


Before + After: Bath

Send us your projects
• and it might appear in our upcoming reader-created issue


Shopping: Architectural Mirrors

• SIGNATURE HARDWARE Save 15 percent off the Sagehill Designs' Cottage Retreat Vanity Mirror with coupon code TOH15. Visit for product details, and call 866-855-2284 to order and redeem. Offer good from December 15, 2010 until February 5, 2011.

What are you shopping for?


Budget Redo

Calling all penny-pinching DIYers!
• and it might appear in our upcoming reader-created issue


Paint Ideas

What's your paint idea?
• and it might appear in our upcoming reader-created issue


Home Center Project: Lamp

Find a full cut list and and instructions for this lamp
Find instructions for how to wire a lamp socket

DIY with Tom's help


Build It or Buy It

Find instructions as well as a full list of tools and materials to build this mantel



See photos of different door styles:
Garage-door glam
A new generation of garage doors
Learn how to install garage doors:
Adding carriage-style garage doors

Got curb appeal?
• and it might appear in our upcoming reader-created issue


Weekend Remodel: Stencil a Door

Find step-by-step instructions and download the stencil pattern we used
Watch a video for making stencils and painting this border

What have you made lately?
• and it might appear in our upcoming reader-created issue


Spiced-up Color Combos

Have you played with color?
• and it might appear in our upcoming reader-created issue


Fully Loaded Laundry Rooms

Did you redo a room?
• for a chance to win cash and see your space in our upcoming reader-created issue


Big-Impact DIY for Every Budget

Learn how to fit new doors in a masonry firebox
What have you built?
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All About: Laminate

See TOH general contractor Tom Silva glue up and fix countertops
What do you want to know all about?
• and we'll feature the most popular subject in our upcoming reader-created issue


Ask - saboteamos.info

See reviews of six more 6-inch sanders and learn how they were tested

Want to test tools?
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Submit your questions


Save - saboteamos.info

• Got a house to save? Tell us about it and we might include it in our upcoming reader-created issue

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