Antique Lumber Technique

After 16 years on television, - adds a magazine to its renovators' toolbox. Welcome to the print companion


Choosing materials for the practical kitchen

By Brad Lemley

Antique lumber salvaged from the river bottom

By Ben Lloyd

The exterior paint job that really lasts

By John S. Saladyga

Making an outdoor fireplace

By Michi Andrews

How to sail a house

Planting trees for the next millennium

By Ken Durse

Fixing foundations so your house won't fall down

By Stephen Petranek

- builds a timber frame

An American porch portfolio

Around the house


Alternatives to pressure-treated wood By John S. Saladyga


Using a circular saw By Mark Feirer

Fixtures and Fittings

How to install a locksetBy Peter Lemos


Laying cable for outdoor lighting By William A. Marsano


Soldering copper pipe By Thomas Baker

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