Maintenance Tips for Fall

After getting Norm's help with Fall chores, pore over our gallery of tiny houses, step inside a kitchen crafted of cherry, maple, slate, and tile, and walk through an 18th- century home's addition



Character Building

A wraparound porch and trim dress up a Colonial without breaking the bank. By Curtis Rist


A Subtle Tint

Pigmented plaster can make a simple house feel like a Venetian palazzo.


Points in Your Favor

A calendar and a calculator help you figure out which mortgage plan to choose. By Mark Stein

By Design

Closet Control

Tame unruly storage areas with smart shelving, drawers and cubbies. By Curtis Rist


Fix-Up Checklist

Tips on how to prepare your house for Old Man Winter. By Rick Peters

Owner's Manual

Loathe Thy Neighbor

Land disputes can turn friends into fiends. Know your rights before you fight. By Hillary Johnson


The Billerica House: Built to Last

The man-made materials used to build -'s fall project look like the real thing. Best of all, they won't rot, warp or fall prey to termites. PLUS: An overview of home-security systemsBy Mark Feirer

Seventh Heaven

An addition to an 18th-century house respects its Quaker past while celebrating the future. By Jack McClintock

Couched in Tradition

Overstuffed is out. Today's hottest new sofas are designed with a minimum of fluff and a maximum of style. By Liz Seymour

Into the Wood

A designer transforms a couple's dreary kitchen into a showcase of Arts and Crafts cabinetry. By Cynthia Sanz

Dream House: Wall Smarts

Built-ins such as window seats and bookshelves turn a sprawling house into a cozy oneā€”and add storage to boot. UPDATE: Serene and decidedly unstuffy decor keeps the limelight on architecture. By Curtis Rist

Tiny Houses

From a cookhouse to a boathouse, these petite outbuildings combine history, whimsy and utility. By Amy Virshup



What's more precious than gold? A Silva Bros. T-shirt, of course.

House Calls:

A master bath provides a separate peace.

Ask The Expert:

Siding dilemmas, beautiful biscuits and not-so-great slate.

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