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outlets not working

The heater blew up one of room's power. I checked panel, then power was back. I also reset GFCI receptacle outlet in the bathroom. However, other 3 outlets in the bathroom on 2nd floor which are connected with this GFCI outlet are not working. I checked power with tester. Tester indicated there is power on the outlets, but when I plug in any electronics it did not works.
So, I thought outlet had a problem, I changed to new one. But still it did not work at all when I plug in any electronics.
Do you know why, how can I fix it?
Help me about it...

Re: outlets not working

There is probably a loose connection in one of the outlets. Its also possible that the GFI is bad. You will need to check all the outlets to find the one with the bad connection. Start with the closes working outlet to the problem.

Re: outlets not working

Well several questions come to mind but first is, what kind of tester are you using? If you are using the proximity type that "chirps" or beeps when near power this will give you a false reading because it only senses power but not a complete circuit. If you are using a digital meter to test with, the circuit loading is so small that it won't show a bad connection in the circuit prior to the trouble spot.
The problem you describe sounds like you have lost the neutral part of the circuit. Outlets are usually wired in a daisy chain and some electricians will terminate the wires on the receptacles rather than twist the wires together and run a single wire to the receptacle, or just as bad they don't twist the wires together but just stick them straight into a wire nut and twist it on. This can cause one of the wires to be loose in the splice, ready to fail in an overload. And worse yet some will just plug the wires into the back of the receptacles rather than put them under the binding posts(screw terminals). Then what happens is the overload condition that has happen causes a weak part of the circuit to open. In this case probably the neutral connection either in the panel or at the last outlet prior to the effected outlets.
You might be able to trace this out yourself but I suggest the you get a local contractor to check it out because there might be other issues to contend with if poor workmanship is involved.

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