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Loosen Garage Ceiling Panel

Please advise HOW to rectify this problem: -

The corner part of one of the garage ceiling panels loosen. I cannot secure that section to its place since there is NO support at that corner so that I can either nail or screw it back to the upper frame. Can somebody share some light as to how to fix this problem? Thank you so much.


A. Spruce
Re: Loosen Garage Ceiling Panel
A. Spruce

Need a better description or pictures. I've never heard of "ceiling panels" before. If you're referring to drywall and it's falling because of lack of support, then you'll have to install some support. If you're talking some sort of trim, paneling, or other surface mounted material, then similarly with the drywall scenario, you'll have to add some backing to secure the panel to. Again, can't offer much assistance without knowing more of what the problem is.

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