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Woodworker in Ohio
Rumbling Boiler
Woodworker in Ohio

I have a three year old Weil-McLain Ultra hot water boiler/instant hot water furnace. It has rumbled ever since the installation. I've had the company represetative here as well as the installer and no one can fix the problem. I have multiple zones and each time a zone demands heat, the boiler rumbles loudly enough to shake the floors. :( I have tried restricting the air silencer, but in doing that the furnace pops like a firecracker! Our gas pressure has been checked by the gas company and it is normal. Can anyone give me some advice as to how to fix this problem?? Thanks!

Re: Rumbling Boiler

A rumbling boiler is a rather common complaint; unfortunately, it can be caused by any one of 10 conditions.

If it's been 3 years being serviced by the same service person, it's time to move on to calling someone else in your area, as well as the service dept. at Weil-McLain---you can be assured that they have had the same problem with many others of their Ultra series and are very familiar with this problem.

This is not something the homeowner should be poking around in---natural gas is dangerous & repair should be left to a technician.

It's unfair to you, the homeowner, to have to wrestle with a problem for 3 years, that's not your fault, & should have been solved years ago; in fairness, the mfgr should give you a new boiler if they can't fix the present one.

Weil-Mclain is located in Michigan City, Indiana.


Try the 800 number first; tell them you've had this problem for 3 years & want to talk to someone in service.

If you haven't done so yet, also talk to the owner of the service co. if you're not getting results from the service tech.

The major causes for rumble can be broken down to a) problems with the incoming gas/air supply, b) problems with the boiler water, c) problems with the gas burners.

Increasing or decreasing gas supply pressure can cause ignition rumble, as well as incomplete combustion; there may be some foreign matter trapped in the gas line inlet screen (teflon tape, etc.) near the gas valve that is causing the variation (the gas line is turned off & the inlet piping removed & checked for foreign matter); the air mix at the air shutters near the burners may be misadjusted; the gas valve itself may be malfunctioning & need to be replaced; the gas burners may be dirty.

Sometimes with large water pumps there is a broken spring coupler causing the noise; there could be a bad impeller in the pump; there may be insufficient water in the boiler causing percolation, & thus rumble (meter dial should read at least 12 psi & water temp must stay below 200 degrees); sometimes a bypass pipe is needed from the main boiler water supply to the main boiler return to prevent too much cold water entering the combustion chamber, & thus create a rumble; if you have hard water, calcium & other salts often collect in the combustion chamber & cause a rumble when the water heats up (completely draining the boiler water is tried); the system water may be full of air caused by lack of bleeder valves (open bleeder valves on the convectors till you get only water).

Clearly, it will take an experienced technician who is willing to go thru each one of the possibilities step by step until the culprit is found.

Woodworker in Ohio
Re: Rumbling Boiler
Woodworker in Ohio

Thank you very much for your valuable information, NashuaTech! That's more than I've received in 3 years. I'll pass this on to the service owner!

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