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insulation for sometimes heated garage

My garage is used as car storage and sometimes workshop. When it is used as a workshop I use a propane radiant heater (unvented) to take the chill off. The ceiling and walls are not insulated and are covered with blue board and plaster.Knowing that there would be little payback with drafty garage doors:) etc I was thinking about insulating above the ceiling (uninsulated crawl space above ceiling 2/6 joists 16 on center )to hold some of temporary heat in.Is this ok to do and what type of insulation to use, should vapor barrier be used,should vapor barrier go towards ceiling and am I creating any moisture problems.
Thanks for any response

Re: insulation for sometimes heated garage

What is the btu/hr output of the propane heater????

Garages are notoriously hard to heat, & many of us, like yourself, have to use the garage workshop during the freezing winter months on a temporary basis.

I think your efforts to improve garage heat would be better directed towards a strategy aimed at temporary use focused around workshop activities for an hour or two:

1) isolating the car stall from the rest of the garage with a basic wall of 2 X 4's & sheetrock and

2) using a much larger forced hot air vented furnace of approx. 50,000 btu/hr to heat the rest, including the workshop.

Focus on getting the FHA furnace in there up & running before you build any isolation walls for the car stall; you might be able to avoid this part of the project.

Take the floor square footage of the garage & multiply by a heat factor of 70 btu/sq.ft. (30-40 btu/sq.ft. for an insulated residence is standard) to get an approx. 50k btu/hr dimension for a vented forced hot air furnace (these are the size of small snow blower available at HD/Lowe's).

You don't even need any ducting, just the top plenum piece & a thru-the wall vent or thru-the-roof chimney, and a manual thermostat.

The idea is to get a rapid blast of hot air that will quickly heat up the workspace to allow temporary work in the workshop, & a quick shutoff of the equipment as you leave the garage.

Since there is no steam or hot water in the furnace, there's nothing to freeze as the garage returns to its frigid wintertime temperature.

Re: insulation for sometimes heated garage

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