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Repair carpet to laminate floor in hall doorway

I had a friend install laminate flooring. In 2 of the hall doorways where there are 2 bedrooms still carpet he unfortunately cut away too much of the padding and carpet so that when the threshold was placed over an inch or so irregular space was open between the threshold and the carpet. He left some scrap carpet and I thought I could fix it. Unfortunately, it doesn't look very good. I don't know what to use for padding. I can definitely see where the padding is not. The scrap I had the pile was turned different direction and does look right. So I just read about patching carpet with the kit, but this is a long strip in the doorway and needs to go under the threshold. Can I take a piece from the back of the closet and patch it? If I do, do I need to cut it in a straight line or leave it irregular like it is? Making sure the pile is in the right direction. It is a medium 'shag' pile carpet. No pattern, beige.

Thanks for you help!

Re: Repair carpet to laminate floor in hall doorway

Yes, you can use a piece of carpet from the closet. You might consider removing the closet carpet and replacing it with the laminate too.

A pro would row cut the carpet on both sides and seal and seam them together with a hot melt iron, sewing or a maybe some new tech like the Kool Glide iron. The laminate must have a transition trim attached to the floor and the carpet stretched and tucked along the edge.

You can ask other pros about this here:



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