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Is this roof need replacement?

I live in an old house built in '20s. The house has an extension, that has "stucco roof" (according to the inspection report). To me it looks like a rubber roof. In any case, I have no idea when it was installed, but a few contractors (who came over for some other work) told me that it needs replacement soon. Is it? If so, how urgent?
The edge has small bubbles and some tears (not all the way thru). Are they something that you can fix quickly with tar or something or need to be replaced? So far I have not noticed any leaks.
I have a garage roof that leaks so would rather have everything done at once if needed. Thanks for your input!

Timothy Miller
Re: Is this roof need replacement?

a photo would help. Not likely stucco roof. The bubbles are caused from water getting into or under the roofing membrane and the sun then heating it to gas and expansion and bubbles do not walk on them or pop them. Sounds like you need 2 roofs replaced...

Re: Is this roof need replacement?

Without even seeing a photo of your roof, I think that the contractors you asked are right: replace the roof.

It's summer, and you can get better deals on a new roof. If you wait till winter or till you see a leak, prices will be higher.

Re: Is this roof need replacement?

Sorry, I have had hard time taking pic that fits the margin.
Anyway, here is one. Not the best one, but you can see the bubble on one end.
I had one contractor came in, and he said the rubber roof was installed on top of another rubber roof. Also commented that tar was placed where not supposed to, and edges are getting soft. So... it looks like I should not wait too long.
Thanks for the opinion. I should be getting a quote from him next week.


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