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Gutter installation/replacement - quote feedback requested!

Hello all!

My house has gutters that run along roughly half of the home. Fortunately I live in Southern California, so it doesn't rain all that often. Unfortunately when it does, the side without the gutters have the crawl space entrances. Each time it rains the water drains under my home, which is eroding the earth around my plumbing.

I called and had three different gutter companies come out to bid. Before I go with one, I wanted to get your thoughts on the one company that I got the best feeling for. Unfortunately they were also the most expensive.

To read the attached image, the "blue" side is the side we need to have added. The "red" side to the left is where we have existing gutters. Those gutters aren't great, but do their job. Within the quote are two numbers - the $589 which is if we do the "blue" portion only, and the $995 if we do the entire house.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this quote, pricing, and data you see here. The only additional piece of information I can think of that I don't see on this quote is that the gutters are "seamless".

Thank you!

Re: Gutter installation/replacement - quote feedback requested!

Any particular reason you prefer this contractor over the other two?

Can you post a picture?

You left out the gutters linear footage in the blue area and the red area. Without these figures it's hard to estimate.

Re: Gutter installation/replacement - quote feedback requested!

Hi dj!

The first person that came out was late, seemed distracted, took a call in the middle of asking me a question and never completed getting the information from me. Although his quote was low, it was hand written and missing info. He also didn't note things that the next two people did - such as having one of the spouts drain into the yard as opposed to right into the earth by our foundation.

The second person was the one below. He was professional, took his time, and explained things that the first person didn't bring up - such as making a custom bend around our hot water heat pipe, making sure that the spouts ended on a place that was properly graded, and informing me how they'd deal with the wires coming from our phone and cable. He was also the most expensive (he is the quote you see in my first post), and, for whatever reason, although he stated his company had 20 or so colors that could be applied to the gutter to match the house, he didn't have any samples to show.

The third person was a bit of a mix of the first two. He seemed to be a one man company, was a bit hectic, but answered my questions. On his way out he gave me a verbal quote, but when I asked for a written one he said he'd email me one in a few days. I've yet to receive it...so either he's forgotten or doesn't want my business. Either way, not so hot.

I'll have to get the measurements for you, I didn't even catch that they aren't shown here. He spent plenty of time measuring the place (they all did), not sure why he didn't put it right on this.

Re: Gutter installation/replacement - quote feedback requested!


The blue portion measures as follows.

Top is 25'
Right is 65'
Bottom is 12.6'

I didn't measure the red portion since a) that part already has gutters, they're just not functioning all that well but don't need to be replaced and b) it's raining outside. ;)

Does the $589 sound right for the materials they're using and the length of gutters they will be putting up?


Re: Gutter installation/replacement - quote feedback requested!

The estimate if OK. Just make sure everything's done before the installer leaves with your money. Run a test to confirm.

I know that you're an experienced homeowner by now...after your water heater fiasco.

Re: Gutter installation/replacement - quote feedback requested!

Thanks dj. I'll get it started and update here if anything interesting pops up.

I'd put that water heater fiasco behind me...and you had to re-open that old wound! ;)

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