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Toilet Leaking

Toilet was leaking from bottom. Replaced the wax seal and the toilet is still leaking. What should I do to fix problem without replacing entire toilet??

Re: Toilet Leaking

Check the tank to bowl gasket while flushing the toilet. When they leak the water runs down the back of the bowl onto the floor giving the appearance of a failed wax seal.


Re: Toilet Leaking

What John said, plus:

- tighten the tank to bowl nuts n bolts (most toilets have 2). Caution: don't over tighten.

- when you changed the wax bowl, did you notice whether the floor flange was flash with the floor? if it's lower than the floor and additional wax ring will have to be put in.

- another option is a Sani Seal instead of a wax ring.

- check the angle stop and water supply to the tank too. Sometimes they leak on the floor.

Re: Toilet Leaking

Its not the bolts for the tank and Someone else put the wax ring in so I never laid eyes on it. But they said there may be a crack on the toilet in the trap somewhere.

Re: Toilet Leaking

Go back to your friendly installer, he knows more than we do.

Maybe he's the one who cracked the toilet. Bowls are delicate and breakable, you know.

Re: Toilet Leaking
how2do wrote:

You mentioned that someone else replaced the wax ring for you and that you never saw what your toilet flange looked like...It is possible that your toilet flange itself may be low. The proper installation for a toilet flange is for the lip of it to rest on top of the finished floor.

Having said that it is quite possible that your flange might be too low, in which case you may be still leaking from underneath the toilet itself. When you use a wax ring the toilet should fit on top of the flange and there should be enough wax (resistance between your toilet and flange that you would have to push down and gently rock to make sure the toilet is securely resting on your flooring
The way a toilet gets cracked is that when someone puts a wax ring or two on and tries to tighten down the toilet bolts too much while trying to get a seal...We run into this situation all the time with flanges being too low and have seen where someone tried 'stacking' a couple of wax rings...thinking that would solve their problem. It seems to happen a lot when people remodel and suddenly realize that their flange is lower than it was before...!! I have used a product for many years called Set-Rite, you can do a Google search to find them...they have a video on YouTube and you can also find their kits at Amazon and they also sell them on their website at: set-rite.com If your problem is that your flange is too low you can measure the distance from the top of your existing flange to the top of your finished floor and that will tell you which kit to get.

Hope that helps...and Good Luck

Set-rite is a good product, but in certain cases, where the existing flange is worn out, there is no place to drive the self drilling screw in.

Re: Toilet Leaking

This might sound a bit stupid but are you sure it's leaking? Is there much water? I'm asking this because my sister complained about her toilet leaking and when my dad went to look it turned out it was just condensation, but quite a lot, she had small pools of water around the base.
Just checking!

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