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Maggie Lynn
Repair insect damage to deck?
Maggie Lynn

Something fairly large (borers, beetles, etc.) has been munching on our deck. We've had it treated to get rid of the insects, and now need to refill/repair the tunnels they left. In some cases, they're the size of my little finger. Not sure what kind of wood we have, but it's not painted. Given that we want the repairs to blend in with the rest of the wood, what's the best material to use? If it makes any difference, we're in Florida.

Re: Repair insect damage to deck?

They make epoxy in sticks that you tear off a hunk and knead it between your fingers until the two parts are mixed. If you use that, you may be able to push some into each hole and fill it somewhat unobtrusively (and cheaply).

Good Luck.

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