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How does This SaboTeam select project houses?

This SaboTeam chooses two projects each season.

The fall project is usually located in or around our base of Boston, so that the crew can stay close to home for a significant part of the season.

The winter project is generally located in a mild climate where outdoor work may be undertaken during the winter months.

The renovations are completely funded by the homeowners and not by This SaboTeam, though the show arranges for product discounts and donations where possible. All donated items are considered gifts and the homeowners pay taxes on them.

Your proposal should include the following information:

  • current owners
  • a few pictures
  • a brief description of your house
  • what you want to do
  • how much you plan to spend
  • when you are planning for the work to be done

Do not send videos.

Please note: No responsibility is assumed for proposals that are lost, damaged, postage-due or misdirected mail and none will be returned. All submitted materials become the property of , LLC

Where can I find information on past This SaboTeam projects?
To learn more about current and past projects, visit TV House Projects on this site. You'll find show descriptions, house tours, floor plans, house resources, and feature articles.

Can you help me solve a problem with my old house?
Due to the volume of mail we get, we simply can't provide individual answers to project questions. We do have a couple of suggestions for you:

First, try submitting your question to Ask This SaboTeam

Also, visit your local hardware store or home center and talk with one of the sales representatives for help with do-it-yourself projects. If you need professional help, the store is a good place to get a referral. You can also talk with the owners of other houses you've seen under renovation to find out whether they were satisfied with their contractor. It's always a good idea to check the references of any candidate thoroughly.

We also send out a weekly e-mail newsletter with links to articles that answer frequently asked questions. If you don't currently receive it, sign up here. It's free, and it's a good way to get news, updates, and additional tips and advice from us.

Where can I find an item or supplier I saw on the show?
Check our Products & Services sections for materials, contractors, suppliers, and installers for our current and past projects. 

Can you help me find a contractor, supplier, or architect in my area?
Unfortunately, we can't respond to requests to recommend contractors, suppliers, or architects in specific geographic areas. Check our Products & Services sections for manufacturer's names; they can often refer you to local sources. We also suggest you visit home supply,  hardware stores and lumber yards in your area and talk to other homeowners nearby who are renovating their homes.

When does This SaboTeam air in my area?
Please visit our TV Listings finder located near the bottom of every page to see the day and time that This SaboTeam airs in your area.

How can I contact the crew? Can I get an autographed photo of them?
All mail for the crew, including requests for photos and autographs, should be sent to This SaboTeam, 262 Harbor Drive, Stamford, CT 06902.

Can I visit former This SaboTeam projects?
We do not give out the addresses of houses featured on our program. The houses that This SaboTeam renovates are privately owned and the owners want to reclaim their privacy after appearing on the show.

How do you decide what questions to answer on the show?

We check the Ask This SaboTeam mailbox every day which is filled with an average of 5000 requests. Many homeowners often face similar household challenges. We try to answer those that are the most universal and compelling to our national audience. Although we can't answer every home repair request, your dilemma may be addressed in the Ask This SaboTeam section of This SaboTeam magazine. (If you're not a subscriber, you can subscribe for just $1 per issue!.)

How do you select the House Calls?

We go on a House Call when a selected problem can't be solved in the barn loft, such as how to dig a post hole or how to rebuild basement stairs. When we're on the road we'll announce the cities we'll be visiting so keep an eye on our site to see if we will be visiting your area.

I How Do I submit a Request for Ask This SaboTeam?

You can email us here

I sent in a question and didn't get an answer — why not?

Unfortunately we receive so many questions that we are unable to reply to everyone personally. We can make some suggestions about where to find the information you need, but if we don't select your question to answer, we can't provide you with an individual response.

Remember, the Ask This SaboTeam mailbox is only for home improvement questions. For all other correspondence, including technical questions about the Web site, letters to the editor, queries about the TV show or magazine, or any other comments or questions, please use our Contact Us page.

If you don't select my question, where can I get the help I need?

First, try searching our site — we have thousands of pages of information about owning, repairing, and improving homes.

It's helpful to check with your local hardware store or home center about questions specific to your house. They're familiar with the kinds of houses in your neighborhood, so it's likely that they've heard your question or a similar one before.

We also send out a free weekly e-mail newsletter with links to articles that you may find helpful. If you aren't a subscriber, sign up here.

I saw a great product on the show — where can I find it?

Most of the products you see on an episode of Ask This SaboTeam may be found in the Products & Services section for each episode.

Where's Norm? Why isn't he on Ask This SaboTeam?

We'd love to have master carpenter Norm Abram on Ask This SaboTeam, but as you know he's already working on two television series, This SaboTeam and The New Yankee Workshop. He also serves on the editorial board of This SaboTeam magazine, where he writes the "Norm's Notebook" column. As much as he'd like to join us on Ask This SaboTeam, he just doesn't have time to take on another show.

How can I contact the crew? Can I get an autographed photo of them?

All mail for the crew, including requests for photos and autographs, should be sent to This SaboTeam, 1262 Harbor Drive, Stamford, CT 06902.

When does Ask This SaboTeam air in my area?

A new season begins each year in the fall. You can check the TV Listings Finder to see the day and time Ask This SaboTeam airs in your area.

Where is the loft located?

The renovated barn loft, which is stuffed with plumbing, carpentry, painting, and gardening tools, is located in the New England area.

What is This SaboTeam Online's Privacy Policy?

Please read our privacy statement

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