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Everything You Need to Know About Painting

In Beyond the Basics: Painting you'll get pro tips for every step of the job. You're on your way to a flawless finish!

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How to Pick a Paint

From our Beyond the Basics: Painting series—learn how to deal with low-solvent paints, and sort through gloss level...
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How to Choose a Primer

Pick the right primer for the job and for your paint type and learn when to sand for a super-smooth finish
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How to Pick a Paintbrush

Learn which brush is the most universal and how to spot quality bristles that are right for the job
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How to Choose a Roller

Pick the right size, fiber type, and nap length for the job
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How to Prep a Room for Paint

Get a quality drop cloth to protect furniture and fixtures from paint splatter
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How to Prep Walls for Paint

Organize cover plates, speed up spackling, and keep paint from bleeding behind the tape
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How to Use a Paint Brush

Learn how to properly load a brush, cut a straight line, and use tape only as a guide
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How to Roll Paint Onto a Wall

The right way to load a roller and use it without leaving streaks and bumps
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How to Clean a Paint Brush

Rinse a brush with the correct solvent, clean the bristles, and store it right
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How to Clean a Paint Roller

Store a roller between workdays, rinse it right, and stand it on its end to dry
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