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There are many new decorative elements on the outside of the house - including a small roof detail supported by two brackets on the side of the house. Tommy assembles the roof on the ground first, doubling up the fascia for extra support. After he installs the second bracket, a lift helps to raise the roof into place. Upstairs on the second floor, Emily and painter Rosemary Dewees introduce Kevin to the technique of Lazure painting – a watercolor style of painting interior walls.  Using multiple brushes and buckets, Kevin finds that it’s not as easy as it looks.  The beautiful front door has seen better days. The homeowners ask master restorer Wayne Towle for help refinishing the oak veneer. Kevin visits his shop to see how it’s done. Downstairs, Tommy installs wood paneling in a corner of the living room that once housed a bookshelf. Even though it’s being painted white, he uses solid oak to match the existing wood grain paneling. Outside, Roger plants screening trees that Emily and landscape architect Kim Turner selected earlier in the season.


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