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Kevin meets Tommy in the old playroom, looking out over the work on the new foundation.  Tommy shows Kevin the ICF’s (insulated concrete forms) that replace traditional foundation molds.  They discuss the high efficiency achieved with this system.  Then Tommy introduces Kevin to Kent Reusswick, who supervises the installation.  Kent’s crew finishes the job and is there when the concrete is poured.  Homeowner Emily, joins Roger Cook and Landscape Architect Kim Turner on a shopping trip to find mature specimen trees for the yard.  Back at the addition, a precast concrete bulkhead is installed.   The old rubble foundation that was exposed during the excavation for the addition needs reinforcement.  Mason Mark McCullough erects a concrete wall next to it to keep the house standing for another century.  Before backfilling, the old foundation that’s exposed outside gets waterproofed with a synthetic rubber spray.

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