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The homeowners have always wanted to remove a service pole at the front of their property. The electric company has finally given them permission to bury the service from down the street. Today Jimmy McLaughlin’s crew and electrician Scott Caron start the process. At the front of the house, Norm helps Charlie build the flared porch columns. They use computer pre-cut plywood to make the curved shapes. Months of construction work has left the landscape around the house a total disaster. Kevin finds Roger rebuilding the yard starting with laying a new brick patio. First they look at different pattern options, then, once the area is prepped, they start laying out the brick. The kitchen cabinets were fabricated at a shop in Maine. Today they are delivered to the project. Kevin meets the installer, Erik Frey, to watch his one-man process for installation. The architect calls for decorative half timbers and stucco to accent the front gables that were previously shingled. PVC has been chosen for its resiliency. The trick for Tommy is to properly flash the decorative pieces. Kevin helps Tommy with the installation.

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