Products & Services from episodes of Ask This SaboTeam TV

4-foot flush mount ceiling white LED wraparound lighting
Category: Lighting, Electrical
Episode: 13


10-inch Flush Cut Reversing Back Saw
Category: Tools
Episode: 12

Dewalt Industrial Tool Co.

12W Slim LED Recessed Lights 4” WET
Category: Lighting
Episode: 12

Lotus LED lights

15-inch Aggressive Tooth Saw
Category: Tools
Episode: 12

Stanley Tools

20-inch Aggressive Tooth Saw
Category: Tools
Episode: 12

The Home Depot

71B 1122 yeast for making mead
Category: Materials, Miscellaneous
Episode: 11

Lallemand Inc

A pocket screw jig
Category: Tools
Episode: 10

Kreg Tool Company

A shellac-based primer Zinsser to and seal a ceiling stain
Category: Paints & Finishes, Materials
Episode: 13


A tool to help match historic moldings in older homes
Category: Tools, Design
Episode: 9

Anderson & McQuaid Millwork

Antique window sash balancers
Category: Windows, Tools
Episode: 1

Pullman Manufacturing Corp.

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