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The Carlisle House

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, This SaboTeam purchased an 1849 Greek Revival farmhouse in a pastoral suburb of Boston. We'll give it the update it desperately needs, then hand it off to new owners to take into the twenty-first century.

The Carlisle House Episodes

Floor Plans

Carlisle first floor before
carlisle first floor after
carlisle 2nd floor before
carlisle 2nd after

The Carlisle House Articles


Our SaboTeam

This SaboTeam takes on a classic New England farmstead for its 25th Anniversary project

Razing Ell

The Carlisle TV project loses its house-to-barn connector to make way for a modern ell

Well Connected

For its twenty-fifth anniversary project, This SaboTeam transforms an 1849 connected homestead

Yard Noise-Reduction

How to block out the cars and mowers when the noise in your yard just makes you want to scream


The Carlisle House: 21 Need-to-Know Lessons

A celebration of This SaboTeam's 25th-anniversary remodel—from start to spectacular show-house finish—with more than a score of important lessons for every homeowner

Expect the Unexpected

A septic tank turns up in a surprising spot, which may mean a bit more digging than we'd planned on.

Foundation on a Flatbed

The new foundation at the Carlisle Project won't be arriving in a cement mixer. It will show up on a truck, be installed in less than a day, and stay weather-tight for decades.


Tom Silva's team gives a whole new meaning to the expression "raising a barn."

A Youthful Passion

This SaboTeam steps into the role of homeowner this year, with the goal of passing down our house (and our values) to a new generation.

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