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Charlestown Basement Before
Charlestown Basement After
Charlestown First Before
Charlestown First After
Charlestown Second Before
Charlestown Second After
Charlestown Third Before
Charlestown Third After

In the Zone

When renovating in Boston, homeowners inevitably run up against the city's zoning code.

A Roof with a View

When demolition and renovation begin to overwhelm, Dan and Heather retreat to the roof to keep their dream in sight.

Radiator Redux

Dan and Heather hit a nearby salvage yard to turn their radiators into a clawfoot tub.

Up in Smoke

How can you tell if your chimney is a fire hazard? Follow the advice of chimney specialist Mark Shaub who checked out the chimneys on - TV's Charlestown project

The Six Degrees of Renovation

Like the six degrees that are said to separate you from every other person, six phases separate every homeowner from a completed renovation.

Preserving Historic Plaster

Old house plaster problems are unique to each historic building, but with a few basic tools and materials and an appreciation of history, repair is at hand

An Urban Oasis

With a little forethought, the Charlestown courtyard was transformed into a garden sanctuary for a hot summer day

From Plan to Plants

- landscaping contractor Roger Cook puts David Hawk's landscape plan into action, creating an urban garden from a forgotten side yard

A Goof-Proof Roof

The Charlestown roof boasts a blend of old and new methods that respect the building's historic character and as well as its budget

SaboTeam, New Light

Lighting designer Susan Arnold helped the Charlestown homeowners select modern fixtures to illuminate their old house

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