The Concord Cottage Episodes

A Family Tradition

A simple recipe for Concord grape jelly manages to unite Yankee frugality with the New York immigrant experience

Pop the Top!

How do you turn a cramped barn loft into a comfy bedroom?

A Place to Call Home

With work finished on the Concord Cottage, there was only one thing left to complete the job: Jackie Buckley had to call it home

Can You See Me Now?

We asked for a lesson in how to light a home for aging parents — and we got a wakeup call about our own eyesight.

Almost Famous

Twice a year, TOH makes sudden TV stars out of the owners of its project houses. This fall, a family in Concord steps forward for its few months in the spotlight.

Designing for the Not-So-Old

There are a lot of rules about how to set up homes for the elderly or disabled. Just don't talk to Jackie Buckley about them.

Saving Grapes

What do you do when a 100-year-old grapevine is in the way of your planned parking court? Leave it right where it is

The Calm Before the Storm

A week before the TOH crew arrived, when things in Concord were still relatively quiet, Janet Bernard talked about her parents, the barn behind her house, and how our fall 2003 project came to be.

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