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EZ way to upgrade formica countertops?

Wifey wants to replace the 1/8 inch formica in the kitchen with WilsonArt engineered granite/epoxy (or similar).

Guess this is in the $2-3K range.

Gray color is the reason for the changeout. Is there a way to paint or otherwise coat the formica surface another color?

Can some type of solid surface, without grout lines, be glued to the existing formica?

ANY thoughts would be appreciated.

Re: EZ way to upgrade formica countertops?

I was born and raised around countertops, and now help dad run the company. Laminate countertops are the cheapest thing you can put in your home. Unfortunately, there is no way to paint, or replace the laminate, without replacing the whole top.

Regardless of weather you leave the old top in place, and put a solid surface material on top, or if you just buy a whole new countertop, the cost is going to be about the same. It is easiest to tear out the old one (you can usually do this yourself, providing they were not glued to the cabinets) and just replace it with new stuff.

In my experience, Wilsonart, and Formica, both have some of the nicest, and most reasonable solid surface. But if this is going in the kitchen, make sure it is food grade material. If it is not, using it as a work surface for raw meat is not a good idea. It is more pours than food grade material, allowing bacteria to grow in the top itself.

Re: EZ way to upgrade formica countertops?

Mr. C is correct in all his wisdom. Plastic laminate is the least expensive of countertop choices. If you've decided that this is the way to go, you could possibly find a pre-made countertop section at Home Depot that you could use. Just remove the existing and put this one in. The problem is that it will look cheap and you're going to have to face it for some time. You won't like it. A custom plastic laminate top will be a little better but it's still the least expensive top you could use.

If you could swing it any way, try to do something with stone. You'll get more for your home if you ever sell it, it'll be more serviceable, and will really dress up the kitchen for you. You'll be happier.

My two cents. Good Luck.

Re: EZ way to upgrade formica countertops?

Home Depot has the same stuff - it's in the paint section near the specialty paints (like idea paint and magnetic base). It is a kit - has the paint as well as flecks of material that will give it a nice look.

Re: EZ way to upgrade formica countertops?

i would be careful painting a countertop surface. this seams to be very temporary solution as I would not imagine it would last under normal wear n tear.

some of the new laminates look very close to granite in color and texture and wear very well. I made a desk out of some from the depot and they have o gee edges front and back and have a nice texture.

If you are looking for resale an investment in stone may have nice returns

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