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A. Spruce
Hacker Alert

Found out today that Flash Player has been hacked. DO NOT watch any on-line flash movies (.flv), which is basically all videos you'll find anywhere on-line. Hackers have breached the movie player and if they access your computer, they will change your passwords and hold them ransom. An updated version of flash player should be available for download 2/5/15, but make sure it covers this current issue when you download the upgrade.

Re: Hacker Alert

Its been going around for a while -

You click on a video link and a web box shows up telling you need an upgrade to your Adobe flash. Seems legit but its not. You have to read the fine print. If you want to upgrade your Adobe, go to the Adobe web site.

Re: Hacker Alert

I have gotten those messages often. I never click on such unsolicited warnings, be it from Flash Player or aledgedly from my bank. If something needs updating, go directly to their website. Don't go to secondary download outfits either, as you are likely to get other unsolicited garbage along with the legit downloaded program.

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