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How would you guys insulate this cavity

seeking advice on what the best/effecient way to insulate this cavity.  my only access is through a gable vent, which is probably about 11x14 inch. not crawable. pictures below show me looking through the gable vent. the space is approx 9ft x 4.5ft.  looking straight ahead at the dry wall is the wall of the living room. directly below the sheet rock is the ceiling for the entry hall upon entering the house. the roof decking is above. 

i thought about spray foaming the dry wall and blowing in fiber glass for the top of the sheet rock or spray foaming everything minus the roof deck.




Re: How would you guys insulate this cavity


Those electrical boxes must be readily accessible. Right now, that 4x4 box is not. Not sure about the hexigon box, I cannot tell if it is open to the living space, or if it is just sitting on the sheetrock. That one hexigon box needs to be corrected, there are no box connectors on it. The large wire is going into the face opening of the box, that is definately not allowed, and one piece of romex is not protected.

I would open the gable vent a little larger, to allow access. Or prodive access from inside the living space. Fix all the electrical issues, and then worry about insulation. Right now, if you were to insulate over some of the wiring, there is a good chance of a fire. And since you made these pictures public, before anything happens, and now willfully knowing there is an issue, there is a good chance that your home owners insurance will not pay off if / when there is a fire that is caused by faulty electrical.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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