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A. Spruce
Re: Work Ethic
HoustonRemodeler wrote:

To grab the attention of the homeowner and lighten her day,

My usual was to be chatting with the client at the end of the day, look down at myself and say, "Aman! I got all dirty, I'm gonna have to charge you extra!"

Re: Work Ethic

Reminds me of the time my sister-in-law got a new dryer and a second washing machine. I had to modify or redo electrical, plumbing, and venting.

Miracle of miracles, I got all the supplies I needed in one trip to one store, I finished up early enough to hang out with friends in the evening, and I had no spare parts left over.

Nobody believes the above story, but it's true, I swear!

A. Spruce
Re: Work Ethic
Fencepost wrote:

Nobody believes the above story, but it's true, I swear!

That's because you don't say how big the fish you caught was. :p:cool:

Re: Work Ethic

None of today's battery-powered mostly plastic vehicles suit me at all. Reliability is usually best found through simplicity and I can fix those kinds of vehicles without a book or a diagnostic scanner needed. I love my old Fords- they will take whatever abuse you heap on them and keep right on going. 70 E100: 240K miles, one overhaul on it's 240" six. 84 Ranger 2L 5sp: 325K miles w/ no major work when it got ran over. 86 Ranger 2L 5sp was ragged out when I got it: 185K miles with just a clutch when I sold it for what I had in it. 84 E150 302 2bbl with auto: 340K miles one new engine and trans and just retired it with a dead trans. I never babied any of these- they were work trucks that always got the job done whatever it was. Drove hard and put up wet and dirty. Never more than $2800 in any if them total. I can't remember the details on the other ones I've had. Not every Ford is a good one but the good ones can't be beat for service vs cost if you wrench 'em yourself.

Set myself on fire a few times with a cutting torch and once with slag from welding. Put out a building the plumber set on fire once- had to chop through the drywall to get at the Celotex sheeting behind the brick just as it went from smoke to flames. We were just about to leave for the day too :eek: Blew up an empty gas can setting a brushpile alight- the can was 40 feet from the fire but I guess the fumes weren't :D Watched from my job as another jobsite with the company burned down the huge golf course clubhouse we were renovating a half mile away. Damn, so that's where all that smoke was coming from! And they tell me smoking is dangerous for causing fires- HA!


A. Spruce
Re: Work Ethic
Mastercarpentry wrote:

N they will take whatever abuse you heap on them and keep right on going.

I miss the days when I could work on my own vehicles. I'm great with mechanical, analog systems, but everything these days is controlled to within an inch of its life by electronics. I'd love to buy an early 70's truck and do a restomod to it. I know with certainty that I could build a "new" truck for the same or less cost than actually buying a NEW truck, without all the crippling electronic bullshit! All the reliability of the tried and true, with a good amount of the creature comforts we've all grown accustomed to with today's vehicles.

Mastercarpentry wrote:

Watched from my job as another jobsite with the company burned down the huge golf course clubhouse we were renovating a half mile away. Damn, so that's where all that smoke was coming from! And they tell me smoking is dangerous for causing fires- HA!

A company I started out with was reroofing a project, the roofer doing the torch-down didn't know what he was doing and caught the place on fire. We got to remodel the house for the client free of charge. :rolleyes:

Another company I was working for got the bid to put a covered patio the entire length of the golf course clubhouse, about 200'. We were constantly getting harassed about the noise by the members using the putting greens adjacent to the patio. Biggest bunch of crybabies I've ever been around.

Re: Work Ethic

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Re: Work Ethic

 This forum is ONE BIG JOKE.


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