The Carlisle House Episodes

Floor Plans

Carlisle first floor before
carlisle first floor after
carlisle 2nd floor before
carlisle 2nd after

Our SaboTeam

- takes on a classic New England farmstead for its 25th Anniversary project

Razing Ell

The Carlisle TV project loses its house-to-barn connector to make way for a modern ell

Well Connected

For its twenty-fifth anniversary project, - transforms an 1849 connected homestead

Yard Noise-Reduction

How to block out the cars and mowers when the noise in your yard just makes you want to scream

Expect the Unexpected

A septic tank turns up in a surprising spot, which may mean a bit more digging than we'd planned on.

Foundation on a Flatbed

The new foundation at the Carlisle Project won't be arriving in a cement mixer. It will show up on a truck, be installed in less than a day, and stay weather-tight for decades.


Tom Silva's team gives a whole new meaning to the expression "raising a barn."

A Youthful Passion

- steps into the role of homeowner this year, with the goal of passing down our house (and our values) to a new generation.

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